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Koaster Kids Board of Directors

Logan Joiner

"It has been amazing watching hundreds of kids take the 'Be Brave Challenge' over the last 5 years!  I am so proud that my YouTube channel has grown into such a cool movement.  I hope Koaster Kids around the world continue to defeat their fears and do extraordinary things!


Natalie Joiner



"As someone who has been a part of Koaster Kids from the very beginning, it's incredible to see how greatly the channel has grown. However, what is more incredible is the community of awesome kids that has developed through the creation of Koaster Kids. I am very proud to be a part of something that has created so many opportunities, accomplishments, memories and laughs for kids around the world."


Kathy Joiner

Logan's Mom


"What started as a home video marking a personal victory for our family has quickly evolved into a universal movement of bravery on display for all to see. The powerful message of “being brave” breaks down barriers and borders. It has been a joy to meet the kids, moms and dads that have been connected through Koaster Kids."


Brooke Daniels

Dane's Mom


"Koaster Kids has been deeply rooted in the foundation of our family for the past several years.  We've witnessed firsthand the positive impact it's had on our son's life, the true friendships formed, the fears that have been overcome and the priceless memories made.  Many of our most cherished adventures have revolved around our Koaster Kid family."


John Wnek

Tyler's Dad


"As the parent of a autistic child I can honestly say that Koaster Kids is the best therapy that we have ever had! It has helped Tyler so much as he knows anyone who wears the iconic Koaster Kid shirt is a new friend and is someone he can interact with. Koaster Kids around the world have accepted Tyler and come to love him. We have created so many relationships and bonds with other families some with similar challenges as ours and our lives are profoundly better that we have become part of this fantastic organization."

Kelly McCluskey

Billy's Mom



"Our passion for Koaster Kids began with my son's obsession with coasters.  Logan was a young boy with a YouTube channel and he had the courage to ride every coaster we had on our bucket list.  I also appreciated that Logan was a terrific role model.  


As we became involved with Koaster Kids, we could see  families came from different states with kids of different ages, but there were common themes...   Family time is everything.  Sometimes it meant standing at a park for hours in the rain or it could mean driving hours on a Saturday just for the possibility of riding a new coaster on its first day.  I found parents who shared my constant struggle to memorize my son's ever changing Top Ten Coaster lists.  I never expected this coaster club would become a community for me too.  


Many of Billy's best friends are Koaster Kids and Logan is at the top of the list.  All of these Koaster Kids have had times they encouraged someone to be brave but also had moments when they needed the encouragement.  Koaster Kids has certainly fostered a sense of adventure in all of these great kids.  What's pretty remarkable is to see how they have developed great empathy, too." 


Jeff Joiner - Chairman

Logan's Dad


"We have met so many kids in the last 5 years who have faced and overcome their fears!  It never gets old seeing the look of pride and confidence in their eyes."

Chuck Cole

Chase's Dad



Kim Winnicki

Liam's Mom


"I love that Koaster Kids empowers others to face their fears.  The joy and happiness that this brings to each kid is priceless. I want all kids to feel brave, encouraged, and supported.  Koaster Kids has changed our lives and I hope to be a part of that for other families."

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"We love Koaster Kids! Kids face so many challenges these days, especially now. This group gives kids (and adults) a safe and supportive space to conquer their fears. These kids build confidence to not only survive their fears but thrive in dealing with future ones, too. The transformation is amazing: they go from telling themselves, ‘I am afraid’ to ‘I AM BRAVE!’”

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