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Koaster Kids was started by a 9 year-old boy from Ohio named Logan Joiner.  He overcame tremendous challenges in his life by using courage to overcome his fears.  He started a YouTube channel to document his adventures and share his passion of roller coasters with the world.  Logan's videos inspired kids around the world to face their fears!

Today, Koaster Kids is a charity organization focused on the following mission:

To empower kids to feel the thrill and pride that results from facing and overcoming fear!

The Koaster Kids charity is going to be organizing events in the future to help kids learn to be brave!  Check out Koaster Kids on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!


Koaster Kids Day at Kings Island! June, 2015


Our friends at the British YouTube channel Coaster Bot have just created a cool new survey system to identify the world's best roller coasters! If you love coasters, go there now and share your opinions!

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